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The Coffee Plantation

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To facilitate the free flow of animal species from the north to the south and viceversa,a Mesoamerican system of biological corridors, from Mexico to Panama, was created. When this system of "protected corridors", enter
El Salvador, it utilizes mostly the shaded coffee growing zones, which represent the 8% of the country`s land mass. This shows the great importance of this type of last ecological bastion left in El Salvador, representing 2% of the original forest.

The San Antonio El Quequeisque Farm, is located north of Santa Tecla, on the San Salvador volcano, strategic location of the "biological corridor". In addition to animal protection, environmental conservation is a priority. The plantation`s forests set carbon dioxide to produce oxygen; the leguminous arboreal species contribute adding nitrogen to the soil; the enormous root systems support underground reservoirs and protect againts soil erosion. The annual prunning of shade trees is a major source of firewood which lessens pressure for the population of La Libertad to cut primary forest.

A Quality of an Estate Coffee Farm

The Farm and the Mill are located at medium sea level. The coffee plantation, under shade, and the care of conventional techniques, some ecological and organic, others, transforms the plantation into a true Estate Coffee Farm, guaranteeing the exact origin for every lot. Each year, eight months are dedicated to preparing the plantation for it`s annual crop: prunning of the coffee plants and shade trees, weed and pest control, fertilizing and general maintenance. The remaining months are devoted to hand picking the coffee by approximately 600 employees and attentive processing at the mill, including weighing, de-pulping, washing, drying, processing and preparing the coffee for export. The highest quality assure coffee of appropriate size, acidity, body and aroma.

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