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The Walter A. Soundy Trust

Walter Arthur Soundy was a man who made his own history-a man whose life was filled with goodness, commitment and love for others.

He was born in El Salvador on 12 January 1896 and was the son of Arthur Treacy Soundy of London, England, and Mary Deinenger of Pomerania , Germany . Throughout El Salvador he is remembered as a kind and gentle man, a lover of archeology and of nature. He is a recognized as an early environmentalist and as a protector of the flora and fauna. His main emphasis on work was on coffee-farming.

Many years before his death, he signed his testament: to establish, after his death, a perpetual Trust, in favor of the most needy people in the state of La Libertad, leaving as main inheritance the "El Quequeisque" farm. The administration of his legacy was entrusted to Banco Salvadoreño, the oldest bank in El Salvador, founded in 1885.

The Continuation of the Story

Mr.Walter died in 1975,and since 1976 Banco Salvadoreño administers the resources from the "El Quequeisque" Farm. Carrying on Mr. Soundy`s mandate, charitable works have been followed for the most needing communities, serving orphan children, the sick, the elderly and other indigent people. Results of the Story.

An excerpt from Mr. Soundy`s Testament defines the purpose of the Trust as follows:

"The Fiduciary is fully empowered to-in it`s own judgment -make the distribution of the funds to the welfare institutions of it`s choice, making sure that the funds distributed are affectively used for the purposes pursued by each of these institutions for the benefit of the people of the state of La Libertad".

The legacy of this kind gentleman and enterpreneur combined with the solid administration of Banco Salvadoreño, have yielded extraordinary results to the people of El Salvador in the areas of health care, education, housing and employment.

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